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Help out your local drifters!

Hey everyone! I know its been awhile since my last post but there have been no events!

as we all know with out drivers there are no events so help out your local drifters and keep the Canadian drift scene going!

No donation is to small, these guys spend a lot of money to put on a good show so do what you can! thanks love you guys xox

DMCC Round 7 @ ICar

Sorry these are so late I completely forgot about them :S

New skull Dan picked up from Crappy Tire

Waiting for Practice to start.

He matches Brads car!

Who needs body panels?

MiroGot a visitor from Ohio, Mike Pollard


Double D, He wasn’t the first or the last to hit the wall

Found Pat’s grand parents !

Brad vs Miro

Jeff Laflamme

Peter Prior to car problems

Jeremy wanted to ride my broken bike..

Bob Patinka

even tho hes going straight I still like the pic

Claude Poirier

Tanner Munson

Brads got his body panels back on !

Top 16 – Pat takes the win

 Mike also moves onto top 8Brad takes this top 16 battle after a OMT

These guys also had some amazing runs together!

Tanner moves onto  the top 8

Pat vs Laflamme – Pat moves onto top 4

Brad and Mike went against each other in the top 8 but Brad went in to hot and into the wall, Mike came back to make sure he was ok

What a good guy.

Tanner vs Mark L. – Mark Moves onto the top 4

Pat beats Mike and moves onto the top 4

Pat vs Mark for 1st place

 Pat takes the win!!!

1st Pat Cyr

2nd Marc Landreville

3rd David Briggs

More body work such

I’ve kinda been slacking on the blog updates again.. and with doing body work, which is kinda of a good thing. It means Pat and Brad have managed to stay away from walls and such 🙂 However, Last round here in Toronto we had a Drift Posse podium FINALLY after being the cursed round for the boys Pat came in 1st place and Brad came in 3rd But not  before Mr. Marc Landreville bumped into the back of Pat’s car, oh well it gave me something to do this week lol

This is a fiberglass trunk I made for Peter’s silvia

Currently still working on this fiberglass hood for Brad’s s13

At the beginning of the summer a new drivers back up into my car on the street… (note to parents.. stop letting your kids drive your minivan..) and seeing as how its now August, I thought I’d get around to fixing it

 New/ refinished fender and rear lip

Bumper refinished and blew in the crappy fender

Just finished the first coat of paint one more then I can put it on the car

Next is fixing the weird rust lines on the rear

This is now fixing Pats rear over fender

still waiting for the fiberglass to dry then I’ll post more pics when its finished.

A night at the shop

These pics are from like 2 weeks ago or so Pat had to cut the front end of his car off after crashing at Victoriaville.
Thing you never want to see happening to a Corolla

Curt, Amy and Jover all stopped by to say Hi and drink beer 😀

The shops new guard dog?

There was A LOT of bugs at the shop.. So Brad felt that Lacquer thinner would make for a good bug repellent

This is little Brads work in progress Corolla, I’m pretty sure we picked this up at the original Union shop years ago

DMCC RD 4 Montmagny

So lets start by Montmagny is minimum 10.5 hour drive for us its absolutely brutal!! This was a night event so it was pretty awesome all around minus the hurricane rain that happened at the beginning of practice. I only managed to get a few shots this weekend after actually having to be a spotter for 3 Drivers on a new layout, So here they are.

Long story short Pat and Peter went against each other in top 16 Pat taking out peter and finishing 6th over all Peter finishing 11th Brad finishing 4th because of fuel issues. All in all after everyone and the track dried up it turned out to be a great event I w0uld show you a video I took but.. I have no idea how to get it linked with wordpress via my blackberry so.. none for you

Victoriaville Cont.

On a less car related we had our halftime show Curt and lil’ Brad BMXing in the pits I was able to grab a few shots of them

Saturday night was party time